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Fabricators of a Full Range of Stone Countertops

Caesarstone, Quartz, Granite, ProQuartz, Infinity & Marble


Accredited Stone Fabricator on the North Coast

Whether you’re needing new Kitchen countertops, Splash backs, Vanities, Bar countertops, Outdoor entertainment countertops, Table tops, Steps, Fire places, or just Bedsides, Coffee tables or Planters we do it all. Based in Ballito, covering the KZN coastline, get in touch and we’ll go through some options with you. 

Coastline Stone is an official accredited fabricator and installer of ProQuartz and Caesarstone. Catering for our client’s individual designs, our team works closely with our project managers and design team to ensure accuracy, efficiency and quality of the highest standards.

We offer an extensive range of styles & colours that will compliment and bring to life your individual home & personality. In addition, all ranges come with a warranty that varies between 15 yrs and a lifetime, care and maintenance is effortless and we’ll guide you through that too.

More information on our range of stone countertop options below.

  1. ProQuartz – For over a decade they have been building on principles that underpin the ProQuartz brand. Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Quality. An engineered stone product. ProQuartz surfices are comprised of approximately 93% natural Quartz, together with pigments, polyester resins and other adhesives. ProQuartz comes in a carefully selected range of attractive colours and patterns to suit any requirement and it comes with a limited lifetime residential warranty.
  2. SigmaQuartz – SIGMAquartz surfaces form part of the ProQuartz range and continue to offer a sense of style and sophistication. This product comes in a little more cost affective with a 15 yr limited residential warranty.
  3. Infinity Stone – Infinity surfaces are available in a variety of trendy marble, stone and concrete-inspired designs. Designed to have exceptional durability, structural, aesthetic and functional characteristics that make them a unique and brilliant option for interior and exterior. Considered Floor and Wall coverings? All Infinity slabs are resistant to wear, tear and scratches, and are so easy to clean. As the years pass, they do not show the typical signs of aging experienced in other natural and engineered surfaces and they are suitable to be used outdoors as they hold a strong UV resistance. Above all, infinity slabs are also praised for their ability to stand against heat and acids.  Unparalleled quality and value for money!      
  4. Caesarstone – Ceasarstone has been designing and manufacturing premium surfaces for three decades and can be found in thousands of South African homes and businesses. The company continues to push the boundaries of both technical performance and aesthetic quality.  The current colour range has been expertly created by our Research & Development designers with input from some of the world’s foremost colour consultants and trend analysts to suit all interior schemes, from traditional to contemporary.  With Caesarstone’s proven durability and style leadership, you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind. This stone also offers a lifetime limited residential warranty.
  5. Eezi Quartz – Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals, therefore making it a good choice for a durable surface.  Each Eezi Quartz surface is made of quartz aggregate, which is why it can last so long and still look so good!  Offering a 15 yr limited warranty, this is the affordable countertop solution!
  6. Granite & Marble – These selected ranges will ensure that you have access to high quality and affordable granite and marble in every possible texture and colour. For your kitchen, bathroom, interior and exterior designs.

Care & Maintenance:

Most of our surfaces require minimal maintenance, and no sealing to retain the shine and brilliance. With Quartz, cleaning is simple. Everyday care just needs dishwashing liquid and water. For more stubborn marks, gently wipe your Quartz with some liquid Chemico and a non-scratch sponge!

  • Quartz is harder than natural stone and highly scratch resistant. However, refrain from using the ends of sharp objects, such as knives or screwdrivers, directly onto the surface.
  • Quartz is structurally more heat resistant than other surfaces. However, like other stone tops, excessive heat may cause thermal shock and damage. The use of a trivet, or hot pad to place under your hot pots and pans is recommended.
  • Cleaning Agents to Avoid: Quartz can be permanently damaged if it’s exposed to unduly strong chemicals and solvents. Never clean your Quartz countertops with products that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride, often found in paint removers. Rather avoid using aggressive cleaning products like oven cleaners and dishwasher cleaning agents. Products that contain oils or powders may leave a residue and should be rinsed off thoroughly. If your countertops accidentally get exposed to any of these damaging products, rinse immediately with clean water to neutralize the effect.