Bespoke custom furniture

custom furniture - the way you imagined it

We specialise in the manufacturing of contemporary solid wood furniture and design furniture pieces for individual customers and interior designers. Offering a range of products that is for sale as seen below - We also customise and create pieces on request as per your designs and specifications.

Let us know if we can design and fabricate your unique idea! Or let us know if you are interested in any of the pieces below.

tiger wood coffee table - r6,999.00

Tiger wood coffee table coated with clear epoxy resin for a high gloss look.    Specifications: L 700mm x W 700mm x H 400mm

live edge monkeypod conference / dining TABLE - R54,995.00

Live Edge Monkeypod Dining / Conference table finished of with a clear Jax Oleum Monocoat to enhance those grains and ensure longevity.

Specifications: Black steel power coated frames | Black epoxy filling | L 3600mm x W850mm x H 750mm

Macadamia Quartz nesting tables - R7,250.00

Macadamia Quartz Nesting Tables. Serving its function as a versatile piece that is easily transformed into a decorative unit. Subtle and Sophisticated! 

Specifications: Black steel powder coasted frames | 20mm Macadamia quartz tops | Medium table: L 800mm x 800mm x H 410mm | Small table: L 600mm x W 400mm x H 350mm

caesarstone coffee table - R7,950.00

Caesarstone Coffee Table – this sleek and sophisticated piece will be a great addition to your home space.

Specifications: Black steel power coasted legs | Genuine Caesarstone table top | L 1200mm x W 700 x H 400